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We’re obsessed with hetero Chris’ massive balls! These big fucking sperm sacks are giving us hours of sadistic fun. We tied him so his weighty package is fully exposed and vulnerable to our pervy discipline. We tie heavy weights to each of his nuts so they are spread apart and bulging red. We demand that Chris watch what we’re doing to his precious meaty globes. The pain is multiplied for straight men when they actually have to witness what’s being done to their proud genitals! This causes the bastard absolute agony, but he can’t stop the sensations raging through his body as we skilfully manipulate his dick till he’s got an aching hard erection. He flails about on the boards unable to prevent his arousal. Dave squats over his face and makes him ram his tongue up his arsehole. While his junk is being wanked, a man’s stinking arse is rubbed all over his face. Unsurprisingly, the stupid bastard can’t lick to save his life so he must be punished with burning hot wax dripped on his dick. He howls at the absolute pain shooting through his body and the humiliation having a lit candle stuck into his piss slit! We shame the bastard totally by unleashing streams of piss directly into his gaping mouth! He’s left staring at the candle steadily burning down right to his precious cockhead!

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