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Danek Gyor and Tono Milos have found a trunk, which they are curious about. They carry it into the room and then open it to find out what is inside. It has some clothes inside, which Tono wants to try on, but he only gets as far as wearing some brightly coloured stockings before Danek is rubbing his cock through his underwear. Then Danek kisses him too. He reaches inside Tono’s underwear for another feel before pushing it down. He sits Tono on the sofa and joins him, kissing him and then kissing the nipples too. Tono’s cock has started to swell and Danek quickly takes it in his mouth and begins to suck. The cock responds, getting very hard as Danek’s hot lips enclose it. Tono holds Danek’s head in place and starts fucking his throbbing cock into his mouth. Danek stands and drops his pants, allowing his own hard cock to flop out. He pulls Tono onto his cock for some sucking. Tono shows that he can suck good too, really working his mouth over that lovely cock. Then he lays back, legs up and Danek takes his feet and fucks his cock between them. Then Danek moves up to Tono’s mouth again, for more sucking. That cock is so hard and Tono really works it with his mouth. Tono turns over, onto his knees and presents his ass for rimming. Danek needs no second invitation, he is straight down on the ass, tongue lapping at the hole. It’s not long before his cock replaces the tongue and slide deep into Tono’s eager hole. The cock really stretches that hole wide and Danek fucks it well. Tono looks back over he shoulder as he feel the dick working his hole. Danek pulls out and sits on the sofa, so that Tono can take a ride on his dick. That hot ass slides up and down on Danek’s hard cock, with Tono’s standing proud too. His ass really loves that cock and bounces up and down on it as Danek wanks him. Then they spoon, with Danek deep in that ass as Tono wanks his own cock. With all that fucking Danek needs to blow his load, so he pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Tono’s chest, to end a really lovely scene.

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