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All tucked up for the night in just his jockstrap, Mike wasn’t ready to be woken by Diego de la Vega stuffing his meaty cock into his mouth. The horny duo is soon joined by Kevin Sportswear and poor Mike’s cunt is up for some rough double penetration.

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After he’s checked into his hotel rooms, horny top fucker Dylan’s first priority is letting his fuckbuddy Illane know he’s in town and it’s time to get mounted. Illane doesn’t waste any time getting over and stripping to his jockstrap to give his dom mate full access for a rough fucking.

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The buff Spaniard Izan shows up in the early hours with athletic Luke Tyler to find some thoroughly fucked guests. Both make sure it gets started again. Quickly they have a gangbang going hard: licking, sucking and fucking all over the place. When it cums down to it though – they’re all after powerbottom Timmy’s insatiable bubblebutt. First Luke crams his XL dong in, then the other lads follow. Fucked to bits and smeared with sperm, Timmy is finally allowed to bust his nutt at the end of a long night of bareback bottoming. Timmy Treasure is the partyboi!

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Kevin Sportswear takes advantage of his position in an interview to have Desire Dange out of his scally gear and bent over the table, offering up his bubble ass for Kevin’s hardcore fucking. The two wank their jizz out down each other’s legs, a job well done!

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Life’s all about contrasts and we’ve underlined it here, with rough, tattooed, street-boy, thug – Ruben Litzy and handsome, elegant, boy-next-door – Antonio De Luca. Antonio likes it rough and as a handsome and classy as he might look, the man is a bareback-cum-eating-spooge-taking-fuck-pig ( and thats all good stuff in my book) We get in good and close to watch those big, kissable lips wrap around Ruben’s stiffening, uncut dick as Ruben bends forward and reaches forward to rub spit into Antonio’s smooth, puckering, lickeable arse hole – Antonio moans – is he READY! Ruben pushes him further forward ready to slide into his hot body, right up to his bollocks as Antonio moans – somewhere between pleasure and pain as the muscular walls of his arse open and enfold that throbbing meat. Just the feel of a raw cock inside him can make Antonio cum. But he’ll have to wait until Ruben has finished and if you had a face as beautiful as Antonio’s infront of you – where would you wanna shoot your cum!?

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Sky Wine’s got ginger cub Brock Watson back on video for a proper fisting session. He stretches the boy’s hole with his fist, pumping it inside, working that hole as the boy moans. They get into a bit of dirty talk, with Brock calling Sky daddy over and over. In between fisting, they talk about how piggy they are, with Brock admitting he wants to be a fisting bottom for a big group of guys!
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