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Sexy straight boy Steve has tried to escape his sadistic humbling by trying to muscle his way out and insulting us, but he’s realized there’s no way to fight free of our pervy attention. He’s been reduced to pathetic groveling asking for his release. His pleading falls on deaf ears because we’ve spent our whole lives enduring the sexual teasing of horny builders like this. Now we’ve got him tied up in nothing but a pair of skimpy white pants and have full access to his fit body we’re going to fucking wreck him! We thrash his lily white arse and suspend his cock. The most sensitive parts of his body are stimulated against his will as a vibrator is shoved up his arsehole while his purple nob head is squeezed. His balls are tied so tight they look ready to pop. His genitals are so sensitive Steve is in fucking agony as we peg his luscious plums. This hetero has been stimulated to the point where his body has no clue what is going on and some deft stroking of his dick is all it takes to get him to unleash all his spent up sperm. Steve cringes in absolute shame now that a man has induced him to orgasm. He’ll never be able to live this down!

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Ashton is on the prowl again, and he has a delicious new treat waiting for him in the form of sexy young Liam! This handsome and hung British boy has a big hairy dick just begging to be sucked and wanked, and of course Ashton is more than willing to oblige, while he gets a little freaky with the pegs! He explores the boy, spanking his rump and pegging his torso, moving down to his big balls. Sucking him off he gets the lad hard and dripping precum, but the pleasure is soon discomfort as the pegs start to pinch his nut sack! The pain isn’t enough to stop him from cumming when Ashton really gets to work wanking that wet cock, making his new plaything spurt fresh cum from his helmet. A final taste of the new boy jizz has Ashton satisfied with his work, so he leaves the spent boy hanging while he goes to enjoy a wank!

Scene models: Liam Burlington & Ashton Bradley