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Dylan is a fit and horny jock who loves to perform. He’s joined us for a horny shoot showing off his sex feet and revealing his big uncut cock for some jerking! He eases his sneakers off and plays with his socked feet, then slides them of to show us his naked soles and toes before stripping down to his boxers. His big uncut dick is soon throbbing for attention, released for some stroking and finishing with a hot cum shot!

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Yum, this one’s extra sticky and nasty as big, mean-arsed fucker takes on sexy, lithe young hottie – Alex Stan. Just a bed an attic room and beautiful, smooth skinned uncut hottie Alex pitted against gruff, rough-bit-of-trade- Erik, no condoms, no taboos. These two horny gents strip down immediately sucking on each others stiff cock, Alex’s uncircumcised beauty and Erik’s, rock hard girthy length of meat. We had to flip a coin for who was getting fucked first – Erik might look like a mach fucker but he luvs uncut dick in his hole. Oversexed young buck Alex is keen to please but rams that raw, uncut cock in with a little bit too much gusto and not enough lube, which makes Erik wince in a good way, (you know when its so sweet it hurts in a good way?) but once the muscular walls of Erik’s hole have closed around Alex’s pole the two gents are soon fucking and ploughing like pistons, Until Alex is ready to blow and slides his bareback dick out of Erik to turn around and spread his own butt cheeks and begs for Erik’s gristle length of cock! Then its his turn to take a raw pumping until neither guy can hold back their loads any longer!

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Alex Stan has come in for a Screentest. This sexy straight guy is paired with Petr Zuska for his very first time with another guy. Now we have already seen Alex, on Str8hell.com in another scene, which was filmed after we did this screentest. So here on Williamhiggins.com we get to see his very first time. He is such hot guy who made a big impression in his erotic video when he shot a big load while someone was fingering his hot ass. For this scene he sits on the bed for a brief interview by Petr where he explains that he does want to try sex with another guy. At that Petr leans over and begins kissing Alex. This hot and handsome guy returns the kisses eagerly and Petr helps him off with his tee shirt to show a well developed chest. Alex then takes off Petr’s tee shirt too and follows Petr’s lead, kissing his nipples and feeling his crotch. Then Alex is naked, and his cock is nice and hard as Petr leans over to suck on it. His mouth wraps around the cock for sucking, and Alex’s hips thrust a little to go deeper into the mouth. Petr keeps licking, wanking and sucking on that hard cock. His own dick is out of his jeans and is rock hard. Alex helps him out of the jeans and kisses down Petr’s body until he reaches the cock. He takes it in his mouth and shows that he is good at suckign too. He takes Petr’s balls in his mouth as well and then sucks the cock again. Petr fucks his throbbing cock into Alex’s mouth. Alex is keen to show how good he can be at this and keeps sucking on Petr’s beautiful cock. He licks at teh balls, sucks them into his mouth and then sucks the dick again. Petr moans as he feels the hot lips around his cock. He stands and shoves his cock back into Alex’s mouth, fucking his face as he hold his head. He really pumps that dick into Alex’s mouth and Alex impresses by taking it right down to the root. What a hot cocksucker he has turned out to be. He grabs hold of the cock, as he looks up into Petr’s eyes, poking his tongue out to lick the head. Then Petr turns him around so that his ass is available. That gorgeous ass looks so inviting as Petr gets to work with his tongue. He spread the ass cheeks and starts to rim the hot, tight hole. He spits on the hold and rubs a finger over the hole. His tongue really works at the hole and then Petr shoves a finger deep inside. Alex takes it well, though he has a pained expression on his face. He moans as he feels the finger fucking his hole. Petr grabs Alex’s cock and wanks it as he keeps fingering the sexy hole. That furry ass looks so good as Petr’s finger keeps working, getting it ready for more. He spanks the sexy ass cheeks too. Alex is constantly looking back over his shoulder as his sexy hole gets the action. Then Petr is ready to take that hole. He mounts Alex from behind, sliding his rampant cock deep into the ass. That cock stretches Alex’s hole, but he takes it really well. Petr’s dick is all the way in and his own asshole looks so inviting as he fucks. They are both moaning with pleasure as Petr keeps up his deep fucking, covering Alex’s mouth as he moans even louder. Petr fucks harder and faster really pounding that hot and sexy ass. Then he lays on the bed and Alex quickly straddles him and sits his eager hole back down on that dock. He rides Petr’s cock, pulling his ass wide apart. Holding his ass in place he lets Petr thrust his dick upwards and into that hole as hard as he can. The fucking is so hard and fast and Alex looks beautiful as he takes every inch. Then he starts to work his sexy ass on that cock as Petr continues fucking him. He turns around and sits back down on the cock so Petr can fuck him more. Alex grabs his own cock and wanks it as Petr keeps fucking. Then they move again, sharing a kiss before Petr’s throbbing dick goes back into that ass to fuck in missionary position. Alex wanks his own cock again as Petr keeps up with his deep fuck. Alex moans as he takes that dick and wanks himself. Petr feels that sexy chest and mouth as Alex keeps wanking with the big dick deep in his ass. His balls get tight around the base of his cock shaft as he wanks his meat. Petr’s dick keep slamming into that eager hole working it so well. As he wanks his cock Alex releases his creamy cum as Petr continues to slam his dick and and out of that awesome ass. Then Petr pulls out and shoots his own delicious load of hot, creamy cum all over Alex’s balls. Petr milks every last drop of cum out of his cock and then leans over to kiss Alex after a fantastic screentest. Petr is always very good and Alex was really oustanding to be able to take that hot, hard fuck, as his very first time. As a lovely finale they both go off to the shower together to clean up.

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Theo Vs Theo! When two footie kit clad lads get together after a hard sweaty game, they feel dirty and wana get dirtier. Tired and hot feet need a rub down… maybe a little more The smell of fresh sweat, used trainers and stinky socks fills the air. Reid is first up and gets down on his knees to rub and worship Ford’s aching plates. Licking the sock fabric, chewing on his toes and inhaling his sexy musty scent, he’s enthralled! Ford is loving this and can’t wait for his turn. Two vers lads swap feet for cocks and suck each other off, bulging muscle straining their football kits and hard dicks bursting out of silky shorts. They can’t get enough of each other, dicks, socks, sloppy kisses and hairy arses. Ford goes in face first to Reid’s sweaty crack, softening him up for a good energetic fuck and his first bottom experience for UKHotJocks! Ford doesn’t take to him lightly and rails his arse into the armchair all the while making eye contact and sucking on his crisp white footie socks. Flip over, Reid on Ford. Showing off his freshly fucked arse he bends over to get his tongue in Ford’s ass, returning the favour. You gotta lick it before you stick it! Pay back time and Reid absolutely pummels Fords perfectly toned ass. Socks, spunk and tow very satisfied lads. Good game!

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A good slave likes to be seen as a sex toy for his master. Enzo Loo has no choice in the matter, since he’s so firmly trussed up his only option is to wait and find out what his owner Doryann wants to get up to with him. First up his fuckhole gets licked and fingered open, then he has to worship the master’s feet and gets his ass spanked red. Doryann holds back until he hears his sub slut’s first moans of pleasure before sinking his cock in the wet hole.

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I don’t know where to look with this great looking footballer appears stripping his kit off right in front of my hidden camera lens. There are some great looking lads in here with him but he has such an incredible body and very suckable dick. I wouldn’t know whether to rim his arse or suck his dick first!

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Beefy Blake Oscar licks dark-haired Ethan Ayers’ face, the two kissing before Blake drops down. Blake sucks Ethan’s thick beast, slurping the hunk’s sac as Ethan dick-whips his face: “Suck those balls! Fuck yeah!” Ethan slaps the sucker’s chest, Blake soon licking the alpha’s leather boot. Ethan fucks his face, Blake looking up as he services. Ethan unplugs the hollow rod rammed up Blake’s ass, pissing inside it as it drips down—then plugging it up again before letting more piss flow out. Ethan grabs the bottom’s leather jockstrap and rams him from behind, then turns him over in a sling and dildo fucks him with two different tools. The big black dildo disappears, a good warm-up for Ethan’s fist. Blake jacks his cock as he gets fisted, the top rubbing his own dick on the bottom’s ass. Ethan smiles, spitting down and stroking his own cock. Blake sways back and forth on the hairy forearm, the two soon releasing their loads.

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Sweet, fresh-faced farmer twinks are hiding out amongst the hay bales to get into some serious cocksucking and rimming – once the ass has been licked open it’s time to bury some raw cock and pump out a chunky load of cum.


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Surprised by the pizza delivery while he’s under the shower, Adam Torres, a buff, tanned blond lad is caught with his pants down and no money to pay. Luckily the delivery guy is happy to make an exception, as long as the muscle slut is prepared to take his cock until he’s gotten what he needs. Pizza boy Marting Muse gets him into the mood with some cocksucking, which soon turns into a sixty-niner as they both get more into the mood for a fuck, and then the hole is open for business – bare fucked doggy, on his back, deep and hard until his boner is bobbing.

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Fear, excitement and lust. Our most primal emotions are more connected than we may realize. Stunning blond twink Jessie Montgomery is spending the night home alone curled up in comfy sweatpants and watching a scary movie. When he hears strange noises coming from the other end of the house Jessie goes to investigate with all his senses on edge. What began as heart-pounding suspense turns into ass-pounding sex. Corbin Webber fills Jessie’s tight, quivering hole giving him just the ending he wanted, a thriller-of-a-fuck session to make the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

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We were waiting at the bus stop for this hairy, bearded stud Angel De Vil, ( oh I wanna feel that beard between my arse cheeks!) But horny, highly sexed stud – Angel – needed a steady, strong hand and a thick cock to keep him order so he chose stunning, well hung Dany to be his fuck partner – we just stood back and watched the sweat, sparks and cum fly. Absolutely fucking lived it when Angel decided to bottom, he’s such a rough, sexy, hairy guy – watching him spread his hairy, hard ass to Dany’s probing tongue, then hearing Angel beg for that stiff length in his hole, OH YUM YES !These rampant fuck – studs, fuck up a hot frenzy of passionate thrusting and grunting as Dany brings himself to the brink and holds back…… until sexy, handsome Angel sinks to his knees…really if you had the choice of arse or face with that beautiful, bearded guy infant of you – where would you choose?