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After a series of grueling drills, Zack Daniels and Lance Long chop wood for the night’s campfire. The wood in their pants apparently needs tending to as well..

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In jail you will always get a proportion of hot guys. Men who have never been uncomfortable for a day in their lives. Every waking moment is spent seeking out the next hedonistic pleasures and these men are particularly punished when they’re locked up inside. It’s clear from the moment this lad is bundled into the cold tiled room for a strip search this man is used to the finer things in life. What will see now is probably the hardest. most humiliating thing he’s ever done in his entire life. The officers take particular pleasure in watching this one. Watch him being made to pull his big hairy cheeks apart to show his tight over-privileged arsehole. His victims will I’m sure be beside themselves if they get to see this video! Justice is served.

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Through a tiny hole in the wall I managed to spy on this great-looking young builder as he showers. His equally handsome mates are about him and I can hear them. I’m glad none of them spot me hiding nearby – this guy is very sexy and has a great body!

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