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WOW, when we saw pics of Jordano Santoro, we couldn’t believe our eyes, surely thats photoshop, those magnificent ‘thicker-than-his-waist’ thighs, the tiny waist, the impossibly bubblicious butt, that rock hard, dark Mexican dick – OI Caramba, this guy was beautifully crafted (Hecho en Mexico). We take a long, lingering tour of his incredible body from his nipples, around his tattoos, and stopping off for a long visit to that wobbling, bouncing extraordinary butt. Then when we’re done oggling, Jordano lies back and strokes out a creamy load just for you. This stunning lad, with a cartoon body and devilish nature, is a definite cock teasing pleasure.

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A horny scumbag may be completely normal on the outside but once bars are slam shut and they’re incarcerated they do an about-face and start taking it up the shitter – it’s a common story. Taking a knob up the bum is all well and good but the prison officers must be vigilant that they’re not enjoying themselves too much in there. It’s a prision, after all.
This bloke has been selling his arse for not very much all over the prison since he arrived. It’s now been a few weeks in and this whoring inevitably leads to problems, not least with his slackening arsehole.

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Peeking through the tiny hole in the wall of this shower room, I spied this hot guy completely naked and cleaning himself. He’s a horny guy who really looks after himself and I’m attracted to guys like this with long hair. I’m sure he’s hotter than most of the other guys who I usually get to film – check out his great body and very suckable dick.

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Naked guys in police station. Enjoy!

Some chaps are happy when they’re sent down. They are so used to being pampered inside that the punishment is 10 times better than it should be. Add in a middle class background and prison wardens treat them even better. But not all the prison officers are happy about this and dish out their own kind of societal revenge! Of course the very best way of doing that is with a mandatory ice cold hosing down. This prisoner has been inside for 20 week and has already been stripped naked like this many times. He’s on remand but that doesn’t mean he can avoid having a proper freezing cold hosing. The best bit is, to make sure he isn’t being treated too harshly, one of the guards has to record the whole thing on video! So others can enjoy watching this bloke’s little cock bouncing around as he tries to withstand the cold water treatment. The guards can barely contain their glee when he has to do his best to wash his arsehole. They’ll check just how clean his ringpiece is later tonight no doubt

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Logan has the floppy haired sporty good looks a popular college boy who spends more time on the field than hitting the books. He’s got a trim manly body and broad chest too. I know if we went to the same gym I’d spend all my time in the locker room trying to get a glimpse of him changing. But here this straight fella bares it all in the hopes of becoming the next big porn star though he’s very nervous and suspicious of having another guy inspect him so intimately. He flat out refuses to do anything sexual with men so I make sure to take a long time lingering over his sexy forbidden arse.

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Brace yourselves those gentleman with a penchant for SIZE. Max Duran has SO bitten off more than he can chew with this sexy Guapo from the land of BIG UNCUT cocks, as he takes on a kilo of raw dick. Eider ( Columbian born- Spanish bred) makes a splash with his first ever scene, popping his porno cherry like a seasoned pro. Not only is there a solid, uncut kilo, and a bit of bareback dick, this sexed up stud has got some fuck-positions that we still can’t work out in our head, (and we saw them!) Caramba all bareback, massive, thundering, dark meat that leaves Max groaning, begging, squirting and eventually a gaping, sopping cum streaked ruin. All in days work for these boys. Now lets book a holiday to Columbia!!

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Big boy Jonas is sweet stacked and charming. We sit down and chat about how he came to get into porn, how he did a scene a few years ago but now he’s back in the game! He’s an ex-forces lad and with that comes a warm and friendly demeanour, the guy will talk to anyone! He told us the story of his journey over to our studios and how he was chatting to folks on the train, how he got a forces discount on his ticket, even though he didn’t mention it! Making friend and warning hearts as he goes. Jonas looks like he knows how to handle himself, tall, tanned and bulging with muscles everywhere! Hot, dark and beefy! He’s got a chest like a pair of bowling balls, perfectly trimmed and fuzzy.. and on that topic lets get to that big and hairy muscle butt, if you like seriously impressive fuzzy glutes, his are a dream come true! Jonas also has such kind and sweet eyes, big deep pools of blue. Stripping out of his vest and showing off that tan he grabs himself through his shorts, slipping them off to reveal some bright red briefs, barely containing him. The briefs come off and he’s rock hard, wanking himself and sliding his fingers up his arse, he’s not satisfied. He goes to a nearby locker to help himself to a big blue toy, something to fill that impressive arse! He squats down on the bench with it at first riding and jerking off, he then gets the idea to stick the dildo to a locker door and back up on to it. Pushing back and taking it deep in his muscle butt until he blows!

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Sebastian is a burly muscular straight dude who is all about getting pleasure. He loves getting blow jobs so much he doesn’t mind if it’s a man or a woman doing it. It strikes him as a clever idea to become a porn star because he thinks he’ll get all the bjs he wants while being paid for it. This thus with a big meaty arse gets a rude awakening when he discovers in his audition that making porn isn’t about his pleasure but his ability to turn us and the viewers on. He nervously takes direction as he’s ordered to display his bulbous cock, big heavy balls and part his arse cheeks.


The hottest british guys showing their perfect bodies.
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At TheCastingRoom, Gary is a big strapping straight lad who wants a partying and the finer things in life. After a brief stint going wild he realized how hard it is to maintain this lifestyle without going broke. So he’s desperate to make some extra easy cash for more limousines and ladies even if that means testing out his heteroflexible side. It’ll be so hot breaking in this absolute giant especially after watching him flash his manly arsehole.