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Leo’s a very proud rugby player at Crowncastle RFC. He thinks teammates should look out for each other so takes care to guide them in their strength and conditioning. The last thing he wants is some poncey boy from a rival city turning up to steal his thunder. He’s determined to show them all how it’s done even if the boys are getting a bit rowdy.

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We found this gem from years ago, when we first started shooting. I really wasn’t going to put it out because this straight boy chickened out at the last minute and wanted to wear a mask. However, he was a virgin with a sweet hairy ass crack and sexy body, so we decided to teach him a lesson and punish fuck his virgin hole. If you like cute straight virgin man ass getting gaped open by two cocks, you’ll like this one.

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Johnny is receiving a severe OTK spanking from his father for his slutty desperate behaviour. The boy may insist he’s still a virgin and not a slag, but he’s proven how untrustworthy he is, especially because his disciplining has caused him to grow aroused. All his Dad can do is try to assess his son’s claim by weighing up his testicles and testing his penis with the help of the chairmen of the rugby club. The virile 18 year old can barely control himself standing naked before all the suited men.

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We’ve been getting a lot of emails lately asking about the part 2 of Fuck His Load In so we didn’t want to disappoint. When we last left off Nate had taken about half a dozen loads but was hungry for more so the revolving door of tops started again with Nate still bent over, ready, and oh so willing to take a shitload more cum!

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Hetero Austin has been driven to the brink absolute desperation. Locked into an incredibly vulnerable position he uses every muscle in his body to fight against his restraints before the bad man gets back, but there’s nothing he can do to escape our lair or all the pervy nasty plans we have for his fit manly body. We’re determined to teach this straight cunt to sexually serve us of his own accord. Dave presents him with his dick, but Austin flat out refuses to suck it. With his already sore arse given an increasingly harsh beating Austin is broken and can’t stand it any longer. He’ll do absolutely anything to make it stop. The weeping lad struggles to lock his lips around the cock and suck it till Dave’s got a raging hard on. Now he’s taught the result of driving a man crazy with desire. That dick he just felt go stiff in his mouth is rammed up his arsehole. His entire body clenches against Dave’s relentless onslaught but he can’t do anything to prevent himself being aggressively fucked and split wide open. Dave ejaculates directly into Austin’s trembling mouth. Austin sucks clean the dick that’s covered in his own bum juice. He’s left weeping with sperm dribbling out of his gob.

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Jacob doesn’t know what he’s let himself in for! The master has him on the new metal rig, roped up and naked, but it’s not enough for Sebastian. More rope is added, the plastic stretched over the boys naked body until he’s in a cocoon, breathing through a tube! His cock is freed for pleasure, his balls tied and stretched, his dick wanked and sucked until the poor boy is giving the master the big splashing cum load he demands!

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Sean has been needing to bust a nutt all morning, and he finally gets his opportunity when we join him by the woods to watch as he gets stroking it. With his balls bouncing to his jerking rhythm we follow him to best spot, out of view of curious passing pedestrians as he jacks himself off and gets his cock hard, soon naked and on the floor as his cock starts to spew thick and heavy cum out over the dusty ground. What a great load!

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Handsome Damien welcomes the attentions of slim and sexy naked boy Luke, and his big cock is soon out and throbbing with hardness at the offer of a blowjob. Of course, Luke loves more than just sucking, and after trading their big dicks Luke hops on to slide his aching hole down on his friends length! Riding that solid shaft soon results in the expected cum loads, but seeing Luke taking all that juice in his face and mouth, and Luke’s own big erupting load pumping out for Damien, will have every one of you blasting out the juice too!

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Mike Roberts is one of our favorite models at Boys-Pissing. He’s SO good looking and he has a genuine piss fetish. Even whipping out his cock to take a piss right in front of our cameras doesn’t phase on this hot lad. We got a real kick out of his cool shorts, teasing Mike about them while persuading him to pull out his wonderful dick. Our cameraman wanted to suck it but his professionalism got the better of him as he captured Mike taking a long, sexy piss in these great photos!