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At, Logan has the floppy haired sporty good looks a popular college boy who spends more time on the field than hitting the books. He’s got a trim manly body and broad chest too. I know if we went to the same gym I’d spend all my time in the locker room trying to get a glimpse of him changing. But here this straight fella bares it all in the hopes of becoming the next big porn star though he’s very nervous and suspicious of having another guy inspect him so intimately. He flat out refuses to do anything sexual with men so I make sure to take a long time lingering over his sexy forbidden arse.

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Pool man Jack Vidra delivers the bad news to his client: “You’ve got a really big pipe. It’s too big for the hole.” Matthew Bosch smiles back at the blue-collar stud, whose wife beater clings to his toned build: “I’m pretty sure you can make that work.” The red head reaches over, grabbing the bulge that’s bursting out of Matthew’s shorts. “Fuck!” moans Jack as he takes the jock’s massive dick out, his beard soon rubbing against Matthew’s fuzzy sac in an impressive cock swallowing sequence. Matthew sucks the tattooed moaner back, then gets his furry ass slurped before they swap fucks. Jack’s boner bounces off the top’s tight abs as his smooth ass swallows the veiny shaft, their loads soon stuck to Matthew’s hairy bod as a cum-soaked kiss closes it out.

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A strong older man that younger guys can look up to is what Father Figure is all about. Hot, hung and hairy older guys teach younger guys how to take it like a man! From a super hung future father-in-law giving wedding night advice to a ripped and hairy Coach showing a younger player how to handle the balls! Father Figure gives you the very best of older and younger TitanMen getting it on. Leading the pack of hot Dads are TitanMen exclusives Dirk Jaeger, Jake Deckard and Cliff Rhodes showing us how a real man gives and takes it. 6 of the hottest intergenerational TitanMen scenes are yours for the taking! If you like hot older guys getting it on with younger guys begging for some hot man cock this one can’t be missed!

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MMM Fresh meat and such cute, hot, hunks. As Erik is cute, with such a bonny face and such a hot ripped body, with such cute little handfuls-of-arse – so CJ is a great, bristling, brooding stud with a hunger for boy holes! The gents are in the playroom of our favourite Madrid dungeon, getting to know each other! Erik strips down to his transparent pants giving CJ a good look at everything thats on offer. The cute lad is soon on his knees rubbing that glistening cock-head over his smooth, warm lips and rough, beard, CJ’s cock is ramrod hard. With a gentle push Erik is up against the wall, his arse splayed, completely exposed to the cool air and CJ’s hot tongue and again, that brush of stubble on his most sensitive, intimate area. He’s opening to CJ’s touch and though this inexperienced young sub was a bit nervous about taking CJ’s hard dick and ruthless ploughing we knew there would be no problems. After an initial moan – somewhere between pleasure and pain – the little cutie is a cock-hungry cum slut in seconds. He lets CJ use him like a fuck toy and is rewarded with a very sex cum-facial!

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Tono Milos and Paul Belonek are both very good looking guys. We find them as they are wrestling with Paul scoring a big win over Tono. As he reward he has Tono on his knees sucking his very large cock. Tono does a great job on Paul’s cock getting it hard in no time at all. That massive cock swells in his mouth, soon growing to its full, impressive length. As it grows Pauls balls tighten up against the thick shaft. Tono’s mouth is able to wrap around the cock and he takes as much of the cock as he can. Tono loves that big dick a looks up into Paul’s eyes as he sucks. His own cock grows as he sucks and Tono then stands up and wanks both cocks together as he kisses Paul. Paul then drops to his knees and begins to suck on Tono’s dick. His body still glistens with sweat from the wrestling as he works on Tono’s cock. As he sucks the cock Paul feels Tono begin to thrust a little, fucking the dick in and out of Paul’s hot lips. He lays on the floor and Tono gets down, next to him and sucks on that huge cock again. Paul reaches round and wanks Tono as he is being sucked. But Paul needs more than that and soon he is sitting his hot ass down on Tono’s cock. He rides the throbbing cock, sliding his hot ass up and down on the shaft. His balls bounce on Tono’s belly as he rides the dick.Then Tono wanks Paul as he rides. Paul turns around and continues riding that rigid cock. His own dick is still hard as he takes Tono deep in his ass. Then they move to missionary position with Paul wanking himself and hard fast as Tono slams his cock in and out of that sexya ss. Paul’s hand is wrapped around his cock wanking it until it releasing his hot, flying cum. Tono pounds that ass as Paul shoots his load and keeps up fucking as hard as he can. He turns Paul onto his knees and fucks him some more, from behind. His cock slides in and out of that ass, going nice and deep. He is soon ready to blow too and pulls out to shoot his cum over Paul’s sexy ass. Then our sexy pair stand up and kiss before going off to the shower to wash off all the sweat and sex from they hot bodies.

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While Timmy is getting fucked by Nathan, in the next room Mickey is taking Damien’s hard 8-incher and deepthroating the huge tool until he gags. That really gets Damien into action. He only wants one thing, and that’s for Mickey to fuck him hard and bare. Mickey doesn’t need to be asked twice. Using a lot of spit he hammers his XL meat into his bottom’s tight ass and pumps his load into Damien’s hungry, wet hole with a couple of last rough thrusts.

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When the sleazy pick up ends in a Penthouse above Manchester the guys head out onto the balcony where our lads, Sam and Josh lock lips, We luv Northern guys, and Sam is more than eager to take a hot length. especially when it comes in the shape of Josh Milk, the blue eyed, very kissable Spaniard – ( is that one of the tastiest foreskins on the site? ) Sam seems to agree – he’s on his knees in worship of that beautiful uncut cock. He slurps on that juicy, stiff dick, but you know where he wants it, up his ravenous fuck-hole, and he gets it good! You can tell how much he luvs riding that stiff pole by the bloated, stiffness of his own impressive, uncircumcised tool. The strangers fuck up a fury all over the sofas until even Sam’s well fucked arse can’t take anymore of Josh’s thrusting. The sweating aching boys uncouple and Sam’s gets ready to take the gift of spunk all over his eager face.

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In our very first Dream set we have a great line-up for a Czech Up. Mattias Solich is the doctor and he is visited by soldiers Alan Carly and Arny Donan. Mattias takeas down some details and then instructs Alan and Arny to strip off to be examined. They both get naked and stand in front of the examination table, so that Mattias can check them out with his stethoscope. Arny’s heartrate seems fast, but he says it is because he is nervous with doctors. Next the guys have to bend forward to have their backs checked. He then checks Alan’s balls, and his cock. He feels the balls and skins back the cock. The same happens to Arny and Mattias makes more notes. The guys then get on the table, to have their asses examined. Mattias puts on a glove and then inserts a thermometer into Arny’s hairy ass. Next he checks Alan’s ass too. Putting on a second glove he then lubes his fingers and starts a deeper examination of Arny’s ass. He slips a finger deep into that hot ass, working it in and out right down to the knuckle. Mattias changes hands and finger’s Arny’s hole some more, wanking his cock at the same time. Then he moves over to Alan and slides his finger into his hole. Alan reaches for his cock and wanks it as he feels Mattias fingering him. Mattias changes hands to continue fingering that sexy ass and Alan and Arny turn theirs heads to kiss each other. Mattias goes behind the table and reaches over to finger both asses at the same time. Alan and Arny climb off the table, their cocks nice and hard. Mattias sits on the table as they face each other, slipping his fingers back into their asses. Alan and Arny start kissing each other, with Alan leaning over to kiss Arny’s nipples as Mattias reaches for their cocks and then goes back to their asses. Alan wanks Arny’s cock and then lets Arny put both cocks together to wank them. Mattias has Arny lay on the bed, with Alan straddling him. Alan kisses Arny as Mattias gets a dildo. He inserts it into Alan’s tight hole and then changes it for a thicker, black one. He fucks the dildo in and out of Alan’s hole, going nice and deep. Then it is Arny’s turn, he straddles Alan and presents his ass for Mattias to play with. He shoves a dildo in and out of Arny’s ass, hearing him moan as he takes it. Then a thicker one really stretches Arny’s hot hole, as he kisses Alan. Next both asses get it, as Arny kneels, and Alan kneels over him. Both asses get stuffed and the guys moan with pleasure. Alan’s cock is so hard and Mattias takes hold of it and positions it on Arny’s hole. Alan slips his dick deep into that eager hole. He fucks Arny’s ass deep, making him moan. As he fucks Alan’s hole feels Mattias finger deep inside. Mattias then grabs Arny’s dick and wanks it as Alan continues fucking. Mattias goes back to fingering Alan’s tight hole. Alan keeps fucking that beautiful ass, and unloads his hot cum inside. When he pulls out Mattias spreads Arny’s ass until it releases some of that hot juice. Then it is all change, as Alan is laid on the table, legs up, for Arny to slip his dick into the waiting hole. He fucks that hot ass deep, working it till he needs to cum. He can’t hold back and dumps his cum in Alan’s ass. Pulling out Arny’s spent cock is all sticking and Alan’s hole opens up to release that hot cum. Then Mattias kneels between the two of them, his cock rock hard. Arny and Alan lap as his cock as the cum oozes out of it. They lean over and kiss each other at the end of a beautiful Dream set.

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It’s Christmas time again. Guillermo Cruz is in trouble preparing a turkey and asks a friend for help with the stuffing. Thiago Monte arrives – ready to stuff in a very special way. Big dicks, ball-licking, bondage, rimming and deep fucking make this year’s Christmas very special indeed!


If you like watching lean jocks fuck and cum in each other, you’re in luck here. This is Quinn and Forest’s first time on the site, but it’s Forest’s first video ever! Since it’s their first time, I wanted to chat with them like usual, but as I walked in the room, Quinn was already face deep in Forest’s beautiful ass. Definitely can’t blame him! After swapping blowjobs, they flip fucked all over the bed and floor. Quinn has a beautiful cock that perfectly compliments Forest’s amazing bubble butt. The only thing better than the look on Forest’s face as he’s getting plowed is when they both blow their loads at the same time while that’s happening! Just two hot jocks enjoying each other’s bodies…inside and out.

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I have to confess; I thought this video was going to be a dud. That’s why I sat on it for so long, but now after reviewing the footage I can’t believe how super fucking nasty hot it is! I jerked off twice while editing it. Scotty’s moaning and whimpering along will make you bust a big ol nut. The fans of real, unscripted, authentic ass fucking will love this vid.


We spent a long weekend with our angle-faced boy, Joey. We really got to know him and man did we crush on him and his delicious little hairy ass. As hard as we tried, we just couldn’t get enough of his sweet holes. We love Mikey’s willingness to share his deepest desires. We explored finger banging, dildo play, throat fucking, and nipple play. His eyes rolled back and he was in heaven. We had Joey moaning and gushing precum all over the place. We’re already planning his next visit with us.


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