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The hotel is quiet and the bar empty, except for barman JP and a lowly guest Diesel. Diesel drinks and sparks up idle conversation to pass the time but also to get to know his tasty bar fellow. Checking the coast is and will be clear they chat about how quiets it is and in return JP wants to know if his friend will be joining him later.. not likely after the weekend of sex he’s had! Diesel is horny and wants a bit of action right there and then. Practically pulling JP across the bar for a cheeky snog he wants more and sits up on the bar giving JP access to his rugby shorts. JP impresses with his superb cock sucking skills so Diesel returns the favour. Both big boys, 8″+ their huge pink dicks bouncing around in the traditional darkwood pub. After Diesel eats and spits all over JP’s hairy ginger hole he gives him a good hard fucking, right on top of the bar. You can see why he wanted to check wether the coast was clear, this is far from discreet! Diesel wants a shot of JP’s huge cock too, only fair! Massive cocks, hard fucking, horny, dirty man sex all round!

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Tattooed cutie Laurent showed up on my doorstep a few weeks back looking to make some extra cash. I told him he knew what that entailed and it wasn’t long before he was on the MFF tickle table for some torment. Truth be told, I think Laurent likes to be tickled and it isn’t all about the money. This isn’t the first time he endured my tickle torment and I have a feeling it won’t be the last, either!

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Life’s all about contrasts and we’ve underlined it here, with rough, tattooed, street-boy, thug – Ruben Litzy and handsome, elegant, boy-next-door – Antonio De Luca. Antonio likes it rough and as a handsome and classy as he might look, the man is a bareback-cum-eating-spooge-taking-fuck-pig ( and thats all good stuff in my book) We get in good and close to watch those big, kissable lips wrap around Ruben’s stiffening, uncut dick as Ruben bends forward and reaches forward to rub spit into Antonio’s smooth, puckering, lickeable arse hole – Antonio moans – is he READY! Ruben pushes him further forward ready to slide into his hot body, right up to his bollocks as Antonio moans – somewhere between pleasure and pain as the muscular walls of his arse open and enfold that throbbing meat. Just the feel of a raw cock inside him can make Antonio cum. But he’ll have to wait until Ruben has finished and if you had a face as beautiful as Antonio’s infront of you – where would you wanna shoot your cum!?

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“$100, right?” asks Josh West as he takes money from George Ce. “Now what do you want?” George starts filming the bearded stranger, who is adorned in a cutoff flannel and cowboy hat. “Open your shirt,” George orders, one of many that have Josh stripping down to his jockstrap—his balls peeking out as his boner throbs. “Wanna see what’s inside?” he asks, slowly releasing his monster. George films it, the tension building as Josh repeatedly lifts up his beast and lets it bounce down, the impressive weight of his heavy cock arousing George even more. George opens wide and sucks, soon feeding his own uncut beauty to Josh—who gags on it. George whips his dick on the sucker’s face, then offers his ass. Josh eats it before shoving his cock inside, working up a hot rhythm: “You like this? This is a cowboy fuck!” The bottom turns over for more—and is soon coated in cum, Josh’s hot load splitting the stud’s chest down the middle.


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Miller has been a fan of GuysInSweatpants for awhile now, so when he came to us, I knew I wanted to pair him up with one of our veterans, Liam Cyber. Miller even tells us his list of GISP models he wants to get in bed with 😉 After Miller shows off a bit (he’s very flexible), Liam pounces on him, tearing his clothes off, and swallowing his nice, big cock. Watching him squirm all over the bed is fucking hot. Miller doesn’t bottom often, but watching the look of ecstasy on his face and the moaning as Liam slides his cock in him is amazing. Their sexual chemistry and hot, raw fucking all over the bed really does the explaining for this video. Liam busting his entire load deep in Miller’s ass made him bust right away too.

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Things got outta control real quick. One minute we were smokin up, having some beers, and the next all my brothers turned on me and made me their bitch. I had to service all of them before the threw me around and took turns pounding my ass and shooting their loads in my ass and face. I’m gonna be walkin funny for days.