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Poor Billy has been captured and roped down onto to the cross, his naked body just waiting for a passing boy to come and play with. Chav lad Charley has been eyeing him for a while, getting horny watching the boys cock twitching in anticipation. Pretty soon he can’t stop himself from joining the captive boy, entertaining himself with that young cock, wanking the boy and splashing hot wax all over him! With all that pain you might think his cock won’t splash a load out, but Charley won’t stop wanking that big dick until he’s got that jizz pumping!

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We’ve been aching to get our hands all over buff stud Leo since he first walked into our audition room. We catch out this fresh straight meat by tricking him into listing all the man on man action we’re going to have him perform with us. He’s pissed when he realize he’s written his own fate but his main goal is to make money and we want to make money by filming what gets us off. Leo’s been around and seen enough to know that his deflowering and first time sucking cock is what will turn us on. So we strip him down, show off his buff body while Dave gropes him all over and gets him going. Leo’s got a good workman’s attitude. He doesn’t muck about but gets right in there going down on a cock. He’s going to need more lessons in sucking dick but he makes a valiant effort to pleasure that knob and take it up his bum. We need patience to stretch this fucker’s sphincter, but breaking in a fit straight fucker and teaching him about anal pleasure is its own sexy reward. Here he discovers how his own arsehole works and the experience of being fucked for the first time. The look of shock and surprise on his face is priceless! As is his expression when his tongue is coated with the taste of fresh semen for the first time.

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Smooth, hot blonde Austin wets his shorts completely in his hot fresh piss straight from his dick, pisses up into his waiting mouth and drinks a load, then strokes his super-thick cock and fingers his horny ass until he shoots a HUGE load! As if that wasn’t hot enough, Austin drinks down a load of his piss!

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There’s something so hot about watching a straight boy like Blinx showing off, it’s even hotter when he’s willing to properly play with his sexy feet, and his hard dick too! We get a great show as the naked straight boy gives us some up-close views of his perfectly smooth and pink soles, wiggling his toes in our face, then it’s time to get soapy. As he enjoys his naked feet he gets a little turned on of course, leading to a lovely jack off and a mess of straight boy cum over his feet too! Looks like he needs to get back in the tub and clean up some more!

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Before muscle dude Tyler Jenkins lets young, slim Cody Rivers service him, he wraps him up as an appetising package – this little piggy is much easier to handle in his new bondage outfit! The cocksucking mouth gets into gear on Tylers XXL tool and sucks the monster cock up until it’s ready to fuck. Tyler‘s nuts are cooking, and so he finally bends the little cunt over and slams his meat home…

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Tomas Decastro came in to get his cherry busted by Petr Zuska in this wonderfuld dream set. Petr joins Tomas on the bed, and interviews him about sex. Tomas agrees to be massaged, taking off his tee shirt and laying down. Petr kneels next to him and helps him off with his jeans, which reveals a rock hard cock. Petr’s hands begin to glide over Tomas’ beautiful body. Tomas is nervous, he says, but he lays there enjoying the hands. Petr leans over and kisses Tomas’ nipples as he rubs the chest. Then he takes hold of the hard cock and begins to suck it. He licks the head and slides his mouth up and down on the dick. Interspersed with the sucking Petr alos kisses that sexy chest. He takes Tomas’ hand and pushes it against his groin as he continues sucking and wanking him. Then Petr gets naked too. Tomas reaches for Petr’s cock, wanking it as his own dick receives Petr’s best attentions. Petr kisses all over Tomas’ hot body as he wanks on the cock. He licks and sucks on the cock and balls, pulling Tomas’ legs up to expose his tight ass hole. He rubs fingers over that hot hole and gently begins to probe it. He sucks on Tomas’ cock as he fingers his hole. Then two fingers are pushed in, opening it up wide. The fingers fuck in and out of Tomas’ virgin hole, going in nice and deep. Then Petr asks if he can fuck that hot ass. Tomas’ agrees, if he is gentle. He moves into position, with Petr between his legs. Petr’s dick is positioned against the hole and begins to push into it. His cock enters the hole and Tomas’ moans as the fucking starts. Petr’s throbbing cock fucks the tight ass deep, and gets faster and faster. Tomas says he likes the feeling and Petr continues to fuck him. He grabs Tomas’ cock and wanks it as he keeps up the fucking. His cock pounds into that tight hole as Tomas grabs his dick and wanks it. He keeps wanking his rock hard cock as Petr fucks him, and then he dumps his creamy load over his belly as his ass is filled deep with rock hard cock. He moans loudly as the cum shoots out of his cock and Petr continues fucking him hard. Petr is ready to blow too and pulls out to shoot his big load over Tomas’ cock, balls and belly. Then he takes him off to the shower to clean up.

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This ones a smoking, sweaty, steamy, spunky gym fantasy as our young lads, flex and stretch in the gym. You know ( and if you don’t you can imagine) those handsome lads in the gym, pumping until it burns, and its all for vanity, sexy, macho vanity, kinda hot in itself. All men, pumping and sweating together, somethings gotta give, and it does. James Huck can resist no longer and luckily Jack Ganley, ( brand spanking new at uknm and WOW is he cute!) is up for some boy-on-boy action. James’ has him down on the gym mat, sucking on his rigid, uncut dick as he flicks that tasty foreskin with his warm, wet tongue. Jack’s a stunning young man and though James likes to top, for his hunk, he’s surrender everything even his arse. Jack’s pretty damn rough and spit lubes James’ tight hole before sliding his raw cock slowly, deep, deep deep into James’ hole. Our brave bottom boy gasps with every incoming inch until their hard bodies are slammed together!

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Their bodies bursting through latex and leather, smooth Aymeric DeVille and hairy Wilfried Knight lock lips. Wilfried drops down and releases Aymeric’s massive bulge, slurping on his curvy cock. Wilfried cups his bud’s balls, engulfing them before clamping Aymeric’s sac and stretching it down as he starts to finger his ass. Wilfried paddles the stud’s butt, his muscle ass quivering under the tight latex. Aymeric’s face gets redder with each smack, his sac still being stretched. Wilfried moves to a bigger wood paddle, grinding it against Aymeric’s crack before smacking his cheeks again. Wilfried uses a third paddle to finish the spanking, then releases Aymeric’s balls before sitting him in a sling to munch on his ass. Wilfried fingers him before fucking him, grinding in balls deep as the veins on Aymeric’s forehead burst and his super-cut abs clench even tighter. Wilfried squirts on Aymeric, then dildo fucks his smooth hole before the bottom bursts.

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Beefcake Jake Kelvin looks like he spends seven days a week in the gym. With his perfect sixpack and chunky biceps he could be Batman’s younger brother – he’s worked hard for every muscle. Slender, blond Jasper is visibly stoked to have such studly muscle bod at his command to cram his tool into!