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At, Logan has the floppy haired sporty good looks a popular college boy who spends more time on the field than hitting the books. He’s got a trim manly body and broad chest too. I know if we went to the same gym I’d spend all my time in the locker room trying to get a glimpse of him changing. But here this straight fella bares it all in the hopes of becoming the next big porn star though he’s very nervous and suspicious of having another guy inspect him so intimately. He flat out refuses to do anything sexual with men so I make sure to take a long time lingering over his sexy forbidden arse.

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Athlete Yuris demonstrates he has no self control when he spontaneously ejaculates without his cock even being touched! The officials only want to get him back in the game as quickly as possible. They have no time for Yuris’ modesty as they manipulate problem areas concentrating on the bulging pink sack, tender cock and hairy gooch of this world class champ. Yuris grows a throbbing erection which he can’t control. Without even having his erection stroked he ejaculates buckets of sperm!

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3s a party, and when the burly top guys have finished smashing in Nick Spears hole with their juicy uncut cocks and they start using a hammer to fuck him with (you know you’ve lost control of the scene YIKES!) Nick is the slut of the building site, all the guys use him to suck their big dicks and milk them with his tight hole. Iago Torres is the burly boss with an equally horny sidekick – Nils Angelson – they lure gullible young Nick to a quiet area on the site and whip out their dicks for him to suck on, he’s putting up a struggle (but not for long) . Then when they’re good and hard they take him to the scaffolding room and bend him over the rig to take it in turns as they fuck him from both ends, (great to watch him spluttering on a cock AND straining to take another up his fuck-hole. They pass him around like a fuck toy, then as a punishment for resisting they use the hammer on his arse!!. It all ends up with Nick on his knees a stiff, uncircumcised dick at either side of his face and lots and lots of gooey, thick, steaming sperm. YUM!

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Here’s a great looking guy dressing after a shower. I really can’t get enough of watching his hot body as he soaks in the bath. He’s got a very horny arse which I’d like to get a chance to explore. His fat dick swings sexily as he shows off his long, long foreskin and his sporty physique. I’ll be keeping a close eye on all my cameras from now on to see if there’s any more of him.

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Sexy Rico rubs his hands over his silky black shorts and under his grey vest, all the while giving us that sexy snarling Wolverine look… hot! Flashing his abs and dark pubes, the vest comes off, he’s pinching his nipples and staring down the lens. Turning around, teasing the back of his shorts down to show us his jock clad and may we say, perfect bubble butt, giving it a good hearty slap! Full of deep breaths and passion, he kinda stomps around the locker room from place to place, performing a striptease like no other, horny as fuck and wanting to get his cock out and bet it! Grizzly and untamed but at the same time giving a totally professional show, he really is a sexual beast! Showing off his incredible arse, which is pretty pink from him smacking it, he moves his cheeks in a hypnotic motion, before pulling them open and drawing you in dazed, confused and tongue first! Spinning round he takes a seriously firm grip of his solid skyward pointing dick wanking hard, with a bit of a swagger, this guys got attitude and sexual prowess in abundance. Laying back and stuffing a few fingers up his arse, he’s really pleasing himself now, and bringing his cock ever closer to bursting point. Cue cumplosion when he sprays a seemingly never ending creamy white load over the black bench and floor. God damn!

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When we first posted about real footballer Fergus’ fully naked examination and jerk off video, it caused a massive scandal! Strapping Fergus grew up in a rural area where sexual adventures were limited. Now that he’s living in the big city he wants to try it all and fully utilize his insatiable sex drive. His big fleshy foreskin and tight pink asshole will be a pleasure to use in upcoming videos. Fergus gives an impressive show jerking off his big cock for the camera and producing a sizeable sperm sample. As a towering muscular sporty hunk who is up for trying almost everything he’s someone that can make it far in the industry.

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The hottest british guys showing their perfect bodies.
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Newbie Ricardo has never been on camera before but gets over his nerves quickly once he gets into the sordid details of his sexual fantasies and experience. In the past two years he’s become more and more sexually adventurous. The more wild sex he’s had the more he wants it. Moving into making porn is a natural step forward for him and we’re eager to see how this suave tight-bodied little stud performs on a full shoot. It’ll be an exciting challenge to test the stamina of a man who bottoms in an orgy of eleven men.

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Big boy Jonas is sweet stacked and charming. We sit down and chat about how he came to get into porn, how he did a scene a few years ago but now he’s back in the game! He’s an ex-forces lad and with that comes a warm and friendly demeanour, the guy will talk to anyone! He told us the story of his journey over to our studios and how he was chatting to folks on the train, how he got a forces discount on his ticket, even though he didn’t mention it! Making friend and warning hearts as he goes. Jonas looks like he knows how to handle himself, tall, tanned and bulging with muscles everywhere! Hot, dark and beefy! He’s got a chest like a pair of bowling balls, perfectly trimmed and fuzzy.. and on that topic lets get to that big and hairy muscle butt, if you like seriously impressive fuzzy glutes, his are a dream come true! Jonas also has such kind and sweet eyes, big deep pools of blue. Stripping out of his vest and showing off that tan he grabs himself through his shorts, slipping them off to reveal some bright red briefs, barely containing him. The briefs come off and he’s rock hard, wanking himself and sliding his fingers up his arse, he’s not satisfied. He goes to a nearby locker to help himself to a big blue toy, something to fill that impressive arse! He squats down on the bench with it at first riding and jerking off, he then gets the idea to stick the dildo to a locker door and back up on to it. Pushing back and taking it deep in his muscle butt until he blows!

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The hottest british guys showing their perfect bodies.
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Sebastian is a burly muscular straight dude who is all about getting pleasure. He loves getting blow jobs so much he doesn’t mind if it’s a man or a woman doing it. It strikes him as a clever idea to become a porn star because he thinks he’ll get all the bjs he wants while being paid for it. This thus with a big meaty arse gets a rude awakening when he discovers in his audition that making porn isn’t about his pleasure but his ability to turn us and the viewers on. He nervously takes direction as he’s ordered to display his bulbous cock, big heavy balls and part his arse cheeks.


At TheCastingRoom, Gary is a big strapping straight lad who wants a partying and the finer things in life. After a brief stint going wild he realized how hard it is to maintain this lifestyle without going broke. So he’s desperate to make some extra easy cash for more limousines and ladies even if that means testing out his heteroflexible side. It’ll be so hot breaking in this absolute giant especially after watching him flash his manly arsehole.

The hottest british guys showing their perfect bodies.
Unlimited exclusive collection of gay porn castings!