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Tough, lifetime criminals like this are used to dominating the areas of the city they live by merely intimidating those around him. Anyone would feel thoroughly dominated having this handsome thug standing over them in a dark street in the middle of the night. Here the angry officer tries to take charge and fully control this new inmate (while also satisfying his pervy desires). The long-haired guy obviously resents having to follow orders and expose his body to this freezing water – but if he steps out of line in the slightest the guards bark out commands to keep him in check and blast him with this icy water.

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It’s time for angry worker Kenny to get his revenge! Tristram has supervised Kenny being stripped and sexually humiliated. Now Kenny is going to take it out on his arse, bending him over and stretching Tristram’s sphincter till he’s crying for mercy. He gets off on being the boss now, wrapping the sexy consultant in his big strong arms and draining his balls.

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Burly hetero Mark is the energetic type who’d be fun to have a wrestle with just to see who’d end up on top. He’s a martial arts and military trained man with a brutish straightforward attitude, a masculine tattooed body and big heavy ball sack. While he likes taking a strap on up his bum he refuses to do anything sexual with men. Be sure to watch his arse exam to see how eagerly he shows his fuckhole off and judge for yourself whether this tough guy needs a real cock up there!

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This fresh-faced prisoner is new to the prison system and has no idea how procedures are carried out and how he should behave. He’s being filmed as he strips off his clothes and washes his dick and arsehole in the sink. He thinks he can reason with his fellow inmates and officers and talk to them like they are equal to him. He is quickly taught that he must be totally obedient, shamefully displaying his body for those around him to inspect for as long as they wish. Notice how the mean guy standing beside him takes special care to have a good luck at this prisoner’s arse when he removes his clothes. Here this sucker is worth less than dirt to the proud other prisoners.

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Judging by the state of this guy’s hole during the reception process this thug needs a good scrub and trim. It doesn’t matter how pretty he is, a smelly hole is a smelly hole and this guy sure has got one. He hasn’t yet figured out that he can drop the attitude with the guards. They have seen it all before and intimidation counts for nothing here. In fact the more muscly twat tries to be an Alpha male with them the more hassle he’s going to receive

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My tiny hidden surveillance camera has been filming this changing room for a week now and this awesome slab of muscle fell under it’s gaze. As he strips off his kit he’s watching other guys who’ve just left and I’m sure that he’s admiring their arses and dicks. He has no idea that we’re watching him just as he’s watching them!
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This guy isn’t as dumb as your run-of-the-mill crim. He had to be a bouncer on the outside and in the bin he’s no different. As such, despite his obvious arrogance he has managed to control himself and at the same time gained privileges. He is too thick to put himself in a situation where he is overpowered by the guards and stripped against his will but here he’s fully exposed as the guards harshly spray water blasts all over his exposed body.