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The Policemen Masters at BrutalTops corner a lawyer at the station and strip him. Making the naked solicitor get down on his knees before them, Master Derek orders him to clean and detail Tobys dirty boots with his tongue. To really humiliate rupert they make him sniff their dirty socks, taste their sweaty feet and feed him their grimy toes to suck on. Rupert’s final degradation is being spit-roasted and made to beg for his Masters cum, then having two fresh loads of spunk emptied over his face and mouth to clean up.

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To be on your knees in a dog collar in front of handsome David Paw is every devoted doggy’s dream. If the master uses spanking to discipline the pup’s bare butt with his strong hands, or packs out his meaty, XL boner then all is right in a dog’s life! Doggy David certainly loves the slaps, the humiliation, the piss and the hot fucking with the 22 cm monster tool. He’s all the more ready to be a good boy and suck down his master’s cum when he pumps out his massive load.

Cast: David Paw, Jean Favre

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Master Nick & Master Derek are practicing some Muay Thai moves using a lockeroom bitch as their human punch bag. Coarse ropes suspend the sub by his neck to keep him in place as the Tops take turns using his body as a target for their powerful kicks.

Having exhausted the sub the two cruel Masters now tease him, stroking his body and cock while kissing in front of him to turn him on and make his cock grow hard. The ploy works and the sub’s penis gets stiffer giving Master Derek an idea. He clamps sprung loaded clothes pegs on to the sub’s nipples, cock and bell-end.

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Posh boy solicitor rupert is in the custody suite of the local nick to see one of the prisoners, but nasty coppers Master Derek and Master Toby want to make sure he’s not smuggling drugs or contraband in to the cells..
Gut punching the brief he drops to the floor like a sack of shit; Derek snaps on a pair of latex gloves to begin rupert’s anal cavity search, brutally violating the sub as he digs around feeling for concealed goods…
Submitting to their dominance over him sub rupert licks Toby’s sweaty arse as commanded, sucking the hairs around his Master’s puckered hole and cleaning them of sweat and crap.

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