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At, Logan has the floppy haired sporty good looks a popular college boy who spends more time on the field than hitting the books. He’s got a trim manly body and broad chest too. I know if we went to the same gym I’d spend all my time in the locker room trying to get a glimpse of him changing. But here this straight fella bares it all in the hopes of becoming the next big porn star though he’s very nervous and suspicious of having another guy inspect him so intimately. He flat out refuses to do anything sexual with men so I make sure to take a long time lingering over his sexy forbidden arse.

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In our very first Dream set we have a great line-up for a Czech Up. Mattias Solich is the doctor and he is visited by soldiers Alan Carly and Arny Donan. Mattias takeas down some details and then instructs Alan and Arny to strip off to be examined. They both get naked and stand in front of the examination table, so that Mattias can check them out with his stethoscope. Arny’s heartrate seems fast, but he says it is because he is nervous with doctors. Next the guys have to bend forward to have their backs checked. He then checks Alan’s balls, and his cock. He feels the balls and skins back the cock. The same happens to Arny and Mattias makes more notes. The guys then get on the table, to have their asses examined. Mattias puts on a glove and then inserts a thermometer into Arny’s hairy ass. Next he checks Alan’s ass too. Putting on a second glove he then lubes his fingers and starts a deeper examination of Arny’s ass. He slips a finger deep into that hot ass, working it in and out right down to the knuckle. Mattias changes hands and finger’s Arny’s hole some more, wanking his cock at the same time. Then he moves over to Alan and slides his finger into his hole. Alan reaches for his cock and wanks it as he feels Mattias fingering him. Mattias changes hands to continue fingering that sexy ass and Alan and Arny turn theirs heads to kiss each other. Mattias goes behind the table and reaches over to finger both asses at the same time. Alan and Arny climb off the table, their cocks nice and hard. Mattias sits on the table as they face each other, slipping his fingers back into their asses. Alan and Arny start kissing each other, with Alan leaning over to kiss Arny’s nipples as Mattias reaches for their cocks and then goes back to their asses. Alan wanks Arny’s cock and then lets Arny put both cocks together to wank them. Mattias has Arny lay on the bed, with Alan straddling him. Alan kisses Arny as Mattias gets a dildo. He inserts it into Alan’s tight hole and then changes it for a thicker, black one. He fucks the dildo in and out of Alan’s hole, going nice and deep. Then it is Arny’s turn, he straddles Alan and presents his ass for Mattias to play with. He shoves a dildo in and out of Arny’s ass, hearing him moan as he takes it. Then a thicker one really stretches Arny’s hot hole, as he kisses Alan. Next both asses get it, as Arny kneels, and Alan kneels over him. Both asses get stuffed and the guys moan with pleasure. Alan’s cock is so hard and Mattias takes hold of it and positions it on Arny’s hole. Alan slips his dick deep into that eager hole. He fucks Arny’s ass deep, making him moan. As he fucks Alan’s hole feels Mattias finger deep inside. Mattias then grabs Arny’s dick and wanks it as Alan continues fucking. Mattias goes back to fingering Alan’s tight hole. Alan keeps fucking that beautiful ass, and unloads his hot cum inside. When he pulls out Mattias spreads Arny’s ass until it releases some of that hot juice. Then it is all change, as Alan is laid on the table, legs up, for Arny to slip his dick into the waiting hole. He fucks that hot ass deep, working it till he needs to cum. He can’t hold back and dumps his cum in Alan’s ass. Pulling out Arny’s spent cock is all sticking and Alan’s hole opens up to release that hot cum. Then Mattias kneels between the two of them, his cock rock hard. Arny and Alan lap as his cock as the cum oozes out of it. They lean over and kiss each other at the end of a beautiful Dream set.

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Hetero Ian is dressed like a businessman but we treat him like a fucking animal as he’s tied down on his hands and knees. Time to reveal what a beast this muscular macho prick really is by shredding his clothes and showing off his tough tattooed naked body. He bucks in rage as his arse is rapidly lashed but there’s nothing he can do to escape his deserved punishment. We’re going to train this straight bad boy to be our bitch even if it breaks him! His sphincter is rammed open as Dave shoves a big fat dildo up him. We heckle him to fuck himself on it while he struggles to rhythmically push his arse back. At the same time he’s ordered to chow down on a dick, but the useless cunt can barely lick the tip. We ram our cocks in his gob even as his face goes beet red and he hurls all over our carpet. It’s going to take dedicated and regular fucking to train this bastard’s mouth and arse!

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My tiny hidden camera works a treat to capture this amazing new video of a guy fresh who shows off a semi-erect dick when changing into his underwear. This handsome lad unknowlingly reveals his arse and dick. He doesn’t realise as he appears that I’m filming him and capturing this incredible video of his totally fuckable arse and suckable, rapidly hardening dick!

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You only need to watch guys in prison for a couple of years before you becoming aware of lots of weird behaviour. Often men will be in and out of the same jail on a rotation and you can often guess who’s going to bounce straight back in. Here we have a video of a repeat offending young crim having to piss in a sink with his fellows all around him commenting on his dick.
He’s no stranger to this knick so he’s still a bit mouthy. It’s all for show really because he knows he has to keep on everyones good side and let them look at exactly what they’re interested in ogling.

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This handsome chap is another guy I’ve been spying on. He’s been in the shower room before but this is the first time that I’ve managed to film him properly. He has a great long cock and it looks like he’s a popular chap who’s always chatting with other burly men. I’m going to keep looking out for him and the anticipation gets me really turned on.

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Spycams in the male locker room and showers.
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