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In part two of our Christmas Wank Party with Laco Meido,Martin Dorcak,Alex Stan,Roco Rita,Nikol Monak and ,Milan Pokorny we rejoin them as Nikol Monak is sliding his dick into Milan. Roco is busy rimming Alex who is doing the same to Laco who is enjoying sucking Martin’s big cock. Nikol’s rock hard cock works Milan’s tight ass. As he fucks Nikol also spanks Milan’s ass. Roco’s tongue laps at Alex’s hole and he spanks the ass too. Alex works his tongue all over Laco’s hot hole then he rubs a finger over it as Martin fucks his dick deep into Laco’s mouth. Then they all move and Nikol’s big cock finds a home in Roco’s ass. Alex is laying on his back, and Martin slips his cock into his eager hole. He fucks Alex nice and deep as Laco kisses each of them in turn. Nikol moves over to slip his cock back into Milan’s ass and fuck him deep. Then he moves back to work on Roco’s hole again. Martin’s big, fat, cock is deep in Alex’s ass. Alex wanks his own stiff cock as Laco kisses him. Nikol keeps up with his changing between Roco and Milan, ensuring that both get a good workout from his hard cock. Martin pulls out of Alex’s ass so that Laco can take his place. Laco’s dick slides deep into the ass and starts to fuck nice and hard. Martin bends over and sucks on Alex’s cock as Laco keeps fucking. Milan and Roco kiss while Nikol continues to fuck each of them in turn. The hard fucking really looks good as Nikol and Laco keep pounding away at those asses. Then Roco replaces Nikol in Milan’s ass as Martin takes another turn in Alex’s hole. Then Roco pulls out and lets Nikol take over again. Martin and Laco also swap places once more. As the swap once more Alex is wanking himself and cant hold back, dumping his hot cum over his belly. Nikol is wanking too and shoots his hot cum into Milan’s mouth as his hole is being filling by Roco again. Milan sucks on Nikol’s shooting cock, getting as much of the cum as he can. Laco then shoots his hot load all over Alex’s chest. Then Laco bends over and takes Martin’s massive cock into his ass, moaning loud as he gets it hard and fast. Martin fucks hard and then pulls out to shoot his cum over Laco’s sexy ass. Roco continues to fuck Milan until his cum is ready too and he pulls out and drops a big load all over that ass. Milan turns over and wanks himself, delivering his hot cum too as Laco kisses him. After all that hot, steamy, sex they all sing another song and then Santa takes his leave.

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