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Big burly Brad is only young but he’s built like a stack of bricks. We like recording every second of a dopey muscular hetero man’s first man on man sexual experience. It’s amazing to see his awkwardness as he tentatively kisses and embraces a man for the first time. You’d think he’d be tough and mean about it, but he approaches it shyly like a blushing virgin. His dick isn’t so reticent as after only a minute of mutually stroking each other he’s stiff and eager to be sucked. Brad looks on as if baffled that he could become so excited as he doesn’t understand all these strange new sensations. The one thing he’s really put off by is rimming for the first time so we test his commitment making him go in and getting his tongue penetrating Dave’s sphincter. But Brad soon takes charge of his arse giving Dave a good hard fucking. We know there is a vicious sexual demon in him which is just waiting to burst out. Learning how to be the submissive one is a challenge for him. He approaches sucking cock like a dumb beast and has to be given specific lessons in how to give head. It’s going to take some more training to overcome Brad’s gag reflex. He’s in for another big surprise when he gets fucked for the first time. Brad gets so horny while his g-spot is being hit he blows his load while he’s being screwed. Taking a face full of cum is much bigger psychological challenge!

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