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Sporty young hetero students like this are dumb, full of cum and aren’t good for anything other than satiating our horny desires. Student David is strapped naked in a gyno chair so his legs are spread fully exposing his anus while giving total access to his cock and balls. This makes him feel a constant overwhelming sense of shame as well as being totally vulnerable to our perverted whims. David feels an even more crushing sense of embarrassment when his dick is skillfully teased till it’s aching hard. His engorged genitals are roped up so even while receiving excruciating punishment his cock is still ripe and stiff. Even though his nipples are squeezed and Dave screws his bumhole with a vibrator, David is consumed with an all encompassing desire to cum. David’s glans are wickedly teased even though that plump cockhead is agonizingly sensitive. And, just when his straight man’s bum takes a battering so vicious David doesn’t think he can take it anymore, he releases a stream of jizz so his fit youthful body is covered in his own cum. He’ll never be able to ejaculate again without recalling this fucking evil induced ejaculation.

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